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Although rather unfortunately given my present job description I never went through that fangirl phase, I find myself eager to meet an ex-member of a Taiwan boy band that drove young girls in Asia wild.

Wu, now 34 and working his way up to A-list actor status, enters the suite at the architecturally-striking Opposite House hotel in Beijing at 7.05 pm with a modest entourage – Taiwanese manager and hair stylist, and a makeup artist from his native Brunei.

He is just a few minutes late and looks bone-tired; he had been invited to give a talk at the Apec Women Leadership Forum earlier, but like all professionals any sign of weariness is wiped off his face the moment we start shooting.

Since quitting Fahrenheit, Wu has appeared in a run of Chinese period movies.

Was the Wu family, who had sent their son and heir to Australia to get a business degree, distressed that he suddenly changed tack to become a pop singer? With the contemporary stuff, I mean, I live in it every day,” – it comes as little surprise that his favourite role to date is ‘Judge of the Desert’ in the 2010 wuxia production , a 12-episode Chinese reality television show in which four celebrity fathers assume sole responsibility for their children for 48 hours.


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