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So if you are willing to just read the text presented on the benchmark's various tabbed pages — for example, please be sure to read the “Introduction” tab's text just once and be sure to read the “Conclusions” tab after the Benchmark is finished — you can probably safely ignore the rest of these web pages. We also sometimes refer to the system's configured nameservers as “local” or “locally configured” nameservers because they are configured for use by the local machine even though this usage can be imprecise since such a “local” nameserver would usually be located remotely. As an example, the benchmark's measurement of apparent reliability will almost certainly be quite erroneous (and worrisome) on a network that is busy enough to be dropping some percentage of Internet packets. But the benchmark has no way of knowing why packets were dropped, only that some were. For other similarly important points, you should read the “Introduction” tab's contents at least once.

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For example, it admonishes the benchmark's user (that's you) not to run DNS benchmarking operations while your network is busy doing anything else . The “Nameserver” tab is where most of the action and excitement happens.

The largest portion of this page will be devoted to describing the many features of this tab, and of its four sub-tabs, in quite some detail.

“You can't optimize it until you can measure it” Our DNS Benchmark utility has been designed, as we design everything, so that the average user can just jump in without “reading the manual” and pretty much figure it all out for themselves. if you have some time to invest, and your goal is to seriously adopt this powerful tool as a component of your permanent bag of tricks, there are sufficient subtleties and “extras” hidden inside this quite comprehensive application that taking some time to make sure you haven't missed anything important might be time well spent. “System” and “Public” Nameservers: Throughout these pages, and throughout the DNS Benchmark, we use the term “System” nameserver to mean any DNS server that is currently configured for use by the local system upon which the Benchmark is being run.

That is, after all, the whole point and wonderful benefit of a graphical user interface (GUI). We use the term “Public” to refer to all other nameservers that are not currently configured for use by the local system. While it can be instructive to do this to see how things perform under stress, you at least need to be aware that your results will be significantly different than when the Benchmark is used on an idle network.

While the benchmark is running, and after it has finished, the “Response Time” sub-tab on the “Nameserver” tab provides a real-time bar chart depicting each tested DNS server's performance and reliability characteristics.


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