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Select the Game channel and hit Start with the Wii mote once the GAMECUBE screen Appears .

Now Bootdisc, go to config and set up region you should be good to go.

Then insert original game when promted to, and it will continue to dump the game onto the SD card in chunks. You may continue to burn that file onto a DVD to later be played on your WII!

Once it starts, use a Game Cube controller to click on "GCOS MB". Click on "Dols/", click on "sddvd-01g.dol" and follow the instructions on the screen (now would be a good time to insert the SD Card).

This will format your SD card and prepare it for dumping. Once it finishes go into that folder and you'll see the newly created image file of the game.

But for myself I just updated right away so I wouldn't have to deal with it.

So now go Download the Update v1.9g BETA Padded/File Chop'd versions and Update your system #4 now you should be ready to go, go get some games and play away.

Once all chunks have been saved onto your computer you may continue to next step. Follow the prompts if you do it this way and when the last chunk has been dumped, it will continue to create the image for you that you can then burn The following is for Wii's with the D2CKey 1.