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[speedbumplink prefix="READ" url=" content="20 Standout Latinos Who Raised The Bar In... Those that continue to say "hip-hop and R&B are dead" do not work at VIBE -- and are dead to us.

Yes, it's true: it takes some digging these days to find music with substance -- especially in rap -- but we're never underwhelmed with what we find.

Add to this the question that many free online dating sites work with more relaxed screening process and yes, free on-line dating sites can become a home for those who you should keep an eye on.

It was made popular by the Japanese when they are struggling to find their ideal partners.

With the new year rolling in, it's always a great time to start fresh-- especially when it comes to new relationships. Lo have been the topic of conversation after leading fans to believe they are dating. Genre bending artists like Kaytranada, Rihanna and Solange blessed us with three of the most intriguing albums of the year.


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