Ten rules for dating my son

ten rules for dating my son-44

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Ten Simple Rules for Dating my Daughter Rule One : If you pull into my driveway and honk you'd better be delivering a package, because you're sure not picking anything up.

___Yes ___No#of years they have been married ______If less than your age, explain why ______________________________________If not explain why ___________________________________________________ ACCESSORIES SECTION: A. You are only allowed to wear granny panties super glued to your hind quarters. He has a kind heart and I will not have you make my son cry; if he does, I will make you cry. But on issues relating to my son, I am the queen of his universe. Rule Eight: My son has been raised not to hit a lady, so act like one and I will not have to hit you for him.

A woman's place is in the: ______________________________________D. Rule Five: Do not date my son for his money because I am his bank.

Back in those primitive years before the invention of helpful objects like cell phones that work underwater, boys chased girls. We planned for it, we paid for it, and we preened for it. Fathers began greeting these calls with the same enthusiasm we reserve for telemarketers. Rule 5: My son cannot use my minivan to drive you to a mall. My wife and I have discussed this, and, since we want to be fair and open-minded about it, you are free to show up in such attire, however, my wife will affix your clothing properly to your body with a glue gun.