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Neither JFK nor RFK—nor their junior versions—was ever winning Husband of the Year.

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Mimi Alford, the former White House intern who wrote of losing her virginity to JFK in Mrs. “I saw John, my captain: John, who was never afraid.

Kennedy’s bedroom, tells a particularly gruesome story in her book Once Upon a Secret of a time the president tried to persuade her to sleep with his brother Ted, claiming he looked a little “tense.” There is no reason to imagine Conor has the same transparent disdain for the women in his life, but as a general principle, the “one per family” policy is sound. Leave aside whether you believe in the mythical Kennedy Curse, thought to have plagued the family for generations. Unable to be still, he paced around the beach muttering something, his eyes wide and to the ground.

Perhaps the next generation of Kennedys will turn out to be model spouses.

And when all else fails, do: Have a way with words.

Swift, who has sold 22 million albums and 50 million singles and has earned more than $57 million in her short lifetime, is already well ahead of Conor, best known previously for his severe food allergies. It may already be too late for Swift to keep her Kennedy affections to one.


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