Paddi rice executive search dating

Three months later she was matched with 56-year-old executive coach Jack (not his real name, either) and they agreed to a date.

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“For a lot of parts of our lives, we’re taking actions to try to improve [our] efficiency,” he points out.

“What are [personal trainers] other than people who come into your personal time and try to make you more efficient and get to the gym and get results?

And, in fact, his former career in general management, operations and sales and marketing does seem a step removed from the traditionally female-run world of matchmakers.

But listening to him describe how he came into his line of work, it’s clear that while he insists he hasn’t forgotten about romance, his approach to matchmaking is all business.

I’d gone from having all of Vancouver to effectively being put in a really small group.” He envisioned a service that not only matched clients against a database of self-selected members, but also actively recruited new members to fit the existing clientele.