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Kaput: outmoded; also, broken, or defeated or destroyed 16. Medieval: see ; also, pertaining to Noah or the era in which he lived 22.

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It can be a pic nic, a movie, dinner at home, a ball game, or a walk in the park---money really has little to do with what defines it. The reality is, most of us are playing along the way.

I dunno how best to define it, but I sure do recall it as being a simpler way, a simpler time.pretty much sums it up. For some of us.."happy endings" are ending up in bed with non full-filling relationships and one night stands.

Ancient: aged, old-fashioned, or pertaining to long-ago times, or see 5.

Antiquated: of advanced age, or out of fashion or style 6. Dated: old-fashioned; also, provided with a date 8.

You don’t like the choices of men that “pursue” you?


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    If I was attracted to her and it was mutual, then the personalities came into play. As a physically active guy I knew there were some activities I did regularly that my partners would be unable to do eith me.