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You may also access the Dyn Updater Configuration tool from the Windows Start Menu.

This article will help resolve issues you are having when trying to install Windows updates.

To work around these issues, log off of your Windows account and then log back on, the tiles and icons should be displayed correctly. You can tell this has happened as the words 'Safe Mode' are displayed in the corners of the screen. If Windows then restarts back into Normal Mode, please see the section titled 'If Windows 8 Will Not Start in Safe Mode' further down the page. Once the process is complete, you will be asked to restart Windows 8. Please note the computer may pause for a long time around the 15% mark.

No one knows off the top of their head what version their motherboard's BIOS is at. The main reason you'd want to check what version it's at is if you're curious if there's a BIOS update available.

If the Updater Client Key field is blank, click Generate Key.