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People love their churches, their pastors and their community.

Some people believe church is the main place we worship God, that it’s superior and more sacred than worshipping with their family or friends or through other outlets such as work or daily life.

Did God create your mind to be a calculator and Satan stuck some feelings into the mix?

Before we get too irate and have a trigger reaction against the idea feelings are actually valid if verified and tested, we should consider new revelations in brain science, learning-style revelations and basic psychology. What about Daniel Goleman’s work on emotional intelligence?

What about Sir Ken Robinson’s work on education reform?

Both thoughts and feeling are chemical and electrical functions of the brain.

It’s true they are different, but one is not a lie while the other is true.

Add to this “rational thought” can also be misleading. Both consider themselves rational and grounded in foundational philosophical principals, but they ended up in different intellectual places.