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There is one hub specifically for promotion: «I'm building relationships». habrahabr.ru/post/215223 — At Stanford University a paper microscope has been developed that costs less than a dollar habrahabr.ru/post/92365 — Web fonts instruction for novice habrahabr.ru/post/190818 — NProgress: a nanoscopic progress bar like on Medium and You Tube habrahabr.ru/post/212939 — Why is the mouse cursor slightly tilted and not straight?

But please, keep in mind ― everything in moderation, including moderation. We also love fun cats gifs, epic fail videos and pranks. habrahabr.ru/company/zfort/blog/217537 — IT digest for the last week habrahabr.ru/post/211216 — i OS holds you phone number hostage habrahabr.ru/post/218373 — Amazon Dash: The Magic Wand habrahabr.ru/post/218563 — bcat: pipe to browser utility habrahabr.ru/post/218855 — Erlang/OTP 17.0 has been released on April 9 habrahabr.ru/post/220915 — World of Minecraft: full-scale model of Denmark habrahabr.ru/post/220299 —

Is there any chance that some day a version of C with little or no backward compatibility will be released? Again, my perspective is skewed here by my role as a library developer.

I write exception-neutral code (exceptions can pass through harmlessly), but I don't often write code that throws exceptions.

It doesn’t have a variety that other modern languages have. I want: Unicode support, databases, date/time support, serialization, networking (with support for lots of different protocols), parsing, etc., etc. Creators of the original standard library think that it should be small and atomic, and everything else should be in a different library, not in the language itself. Folks there are eager to expand the Standard Library.


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