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What a great website , as both my Father and Brother had long employment with NAC - ANZ , aviation flows in our blood .

Remembering the Pilot error storyline ANZ pushed until Gordon Vette and Justice Mahon cleared up that misconception still makes me cringe .

I ran out to the lounge where alot of family members and friends had gathered and someone there gave me a penguin teddy bear. A day or two before we said goodbye to dad (Antony James Lennard Stevenson) at Blenheim airport, and mum recalls that he hugged me goodbye as if he wasent going to see me again, she said, "come on your going to miss your flight" and I said, "bring me back a penguin". My family has never blamed anyone for the crash and I can remember mum saying how hard the pilots familys had been treated after the accident.

Another family from Picton lost there mother and again mum would say that they had it alot harder than us.

I still have all the newspaper clippings in a scrapbook to this day .