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Chinese names are made up of the family name followed by the personal name which is normally made up of two words. In this case, Tan is the family name and the woman's name is Mei Ling. The man's personal name is Nagaratnam and s/o means 'son of'. Example: William Joseph or may add a Christian name before their personal name. All male Sikhs have the name Singh which is not a family name. All female Sikhs adopt the name Kaur; again it is not a family name.

What type of visa do I need to apply to live in Malaysia? In the case of a female Malay name 'binti' is substituted for bin, and means 'daughter of'. Some Indians who are Christians have adopted Western surnames.

Many Muslim Malaysians, who have made the pilgrimage to Mecca , are entitled to use the term Haji (abbreviated to Hj) in the written form of their name.

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The form Borang JPN KCP1 must be submitted and approved by the registrar's office and payment of RM100 made.

The marriage will then be solemnized within seven days from the date of application.

However, both right hand and left hand drive cars may be driven on Malaysian roads.

There are many excellent highways and toll roads and traffic regulations that are similar to those in Australia.

Australian (and foreign) citizens must be physically present in Malaysia when they submit documents relating to their proposed marriage.