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Eventually, Lynn's boyfriend got on the phone with Mom and explained why they were excited to share this experience."It was clear then that we were the team," Lynn says now. (Don't worry, I missed — on purpose.) I had a terrible habit of threatening divorce at the slightest provocation.But we found that this chaos somehow brought us even closer together. We really kept each other sane."Hey, marriage is no roll in the hay. But the reward, the edifice you build together that will shelter you through years of tough times, is more than worth the effort.

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Fighting makes a relationship stronger dating

But you also have enough time together to feel your connection as a strong tie rather than as a loose thread.

Your togetherness needs will also change over time, so you'll have to shift your balance accordingly.

And is there anything more pleasurable than sharing the newspaper with someone? You're sailing along through life, and suddenly you hit a huge bump. "My husband lost his job and took a minimum-wage job he was way overqualified for just to make ends meet.

Sitting in companionable silence, absorbed in your respective reading, sipping coffee, occasionally reading something out loud, but mostly just lazing happily together, communing without needing to speak? He was offered a better job in a mountain town outside San Diego, so we moved.

We were so happy just to go to the movies and hold hands, something we hadn't done in ages. Don't those sound like good things to have in your marriage, too? The truth is, you never know how strong your relationship is until it's tested.