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As Eric and Chantal walked down the shore, with the rich scents of the sea and gusts of wind whipping their faces, Eric recited the three magic words in his head. READ ALSO: VIDEO: Here’s How Eric Omondi Surprised His Beautiful Girlfriend Suddenly, without a warning, Eric stopped. He struggled with the three magic words but managed to solicit a hearty yes from her! Here are some of the comments from social media.miss_nzau_irene aaaaaww to ericoifqi_chizzy Omg congrats to both for you ????

He went on one knee and took Chantal's hand, all the while, looking for that characteristic gleam in her eyes. dancehall_icon Awwww finally malach.daniel Can't get any better than that Congratulations @ericomondi !!!!!

As the documentary points out, the Haywards were conservative Mormons who were not sure how to respond to their child when she came to them, confused that she felt like two people -- the boy she saw in the mirror and the girl she knew herself to be.

Eri's father, Ed Hayward, explains in the film, "She came to me one time, when she was probably about 4 years old, crying and saying that, 'Daddy, I want to be a girl.' And at the time I just thought she was going through some kind of a phase.""When it was explained to [me] that I was a boy, it was because God had made me that way," Eri says in the film, adding that that "didn't make a really great relationship, as a 5 year old, between me and God."Caught in the tension between the LDS Church's teachings and her gender identity, Eri created a fantasy world for herself.

In the process he found that Eri had developed a small Facebook following of people who were just as interested in her story as he was.