Different types of online dating

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You try to play it cool and reply a few hours later (or the next morning, if it came through late), and then as you await his reply you realise he has actually un-matched you. This guy seems to tick all the boxes and you think you've hit the jackpot, but soon, the pin drops — he'll say something douchey or downright offensive, and you realise you weren't really that compatible in the first place.

The conversation seems to be going well, or as well as messaging on a dating app can be.

As a result, people who turned to their desktops – (yes, this was back in the ice age of big hardware) – were genuinely interested in finding a relationship, however long or short term that might be.

I personally view this deluge of flakes as the single biggest threat to people taking this whole industry seriously – and while I write the following with a light heart and (hopefully) carefree tone – keep yourself in check next time you come across these monsters. Genus: Indeniabilitas Drivesmethefuckcraziensis Description/Habitat: You connect. (S)he looks cool, well-intentioned, and states that (s)he “find[s] this whole thing soooo awkward…” written throughout their profile.

When asked why I still believe in it by friends, I have a wide selection of examples to draw from – and I’ve shared them with you all too.