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In yet another sense, this sculpture presents a small exam­ple of the way archaeology works, moving toward an under­standing of the past in halting steps, with sometimes faulty interpretations; occasionally reversing previously upheld the­ories; using new information to rethink past conclusions; and incorporating ethnographic analogy, mythology, and ethno­history in the quest to enhance our knowledge of the past.

In addition to his horn, this clay figurine, from Colima, A. 100-400) wears what appears to be a headdress in the form of the sun’s rays. Because so many of these figurines lacked obvious accou­trements of ritual or rulership, they were considered to be rep­resentations of the activities of daily life.

In 1993, the discovery of an important tomb at Huitzilapa, Jalisco, was the first, major, completely unlooted shaft tomb to be scientifically excavated. The two chambers of the Huitzilapa tomb were at the bottom of an 8-meter deep shaft; inside were grave goods that included per­ishable food offerings and mats in which the bodies had been wrapped. The most elaborately arrayed individual was a male, with a large number of jades, shell ornaments, earrings, and beads.

At his side and on his loins were conch shells, ornamented with painted stucco.

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