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If you have applied for equal status with Danish citizens because you are working in Denmark, you must be aware of the following condition: While you are studying, you must remain employed for a minimum of 10-12 hours a week.

If not, your SU will be stopped, and in some cases you will be required to pay it back. You must meet the following requirements: If you are a student and entitled to SU, you can receive SU for up to 70 months.

You can see the student loan rates here (in Danish) You can apply for the SU-lån (student loan) in “Min SU” – dk You can bring your SU with you during your study abroad period.

It is a requirement that you have a pre-approval of full credit transfer to your studies at the University of Southern Denmark.

There is a limit to the amount you are allowed to earn at your job, when you receive SU. If you earn more than your fribeløb in the year where you receive SU or slutlån (an end of studies loan), you will have to pay back some of your SU.