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This brings us to the question of whether sauropods were warm-blooded, or cold-blooded like modern reptiles.

Generally, even the most ardent advocates of warm-blooded dinosaurs back off when it comes to sauropods, since simulations show that these oversized animals would have baked themselves from the inside, like potatoes, if they generated too much internal metabolic energy.

However, this raises as many questions as it answers, since pumping blood to a height of 30 or 40 feet would strain even the biggest, most robust heart.

dating back to the precambrian era-88

Presumably, spoon-toothed sauropods subsisted on tougher vegetation that required more powerful methods of grinding and chewing.

Reasoning by analogy with modern giraffes, most paleontologists believe sauropods evolved their ultra-long necks in order to reach the high leaves of trees.

(This is the reason the sauropod once known as Brontosaurus is today called Apatosaurus: Apatosaurus was named first, and the dinosaur subsequently called Brontosaurus turned out to be a, well, you know.) Even today, some sauropods linger under a cloud of suspicion; many experts believe that Seismosaurus was really an unusually large Diplodocus, and proposed genera like Ultrasauros have been pretty much discredited altogether.

This confusion about sauropod fossils has also resulted in some famous confusion about sauropod behavior.

Frustratingly, while paleontologists have identified dozens of titanosaur genera from around the world, the lack of fully articulated fossils and the rarity of intact skulls means that much about these beasts is still shrouded in mystery.


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