Dating advice for introverted guys

He must avoid the traps of laziness, routine, and most of all, he mustn’t rationalize not talking to women just because he self-identifies as an introvert.

I give a lot of advice on going out and meeting people that involves going out and being as social as possible, which is great if you’re naturally an outgoing person (or willing to fake it).

He prefers having mini-relationships or a harem structure over one night stands. If you want to watch the game, get a few buddies together and go to a bar.

He’ll have a small social circle and will meet women mostly during the day or online. Inconvenience yourself by taking short shopping trips, getting your coffee in a coffee shop, reading in a coffee shop, not listening to music or playing with your phone on the bus, and talking to people at the gym. Go to a pub for dinner every once in a while instead of cooking.

The benefits of being an introvert: A lot of introverted men feel they need to be someone they’re not in order to be successful with women. Here are four tips for introverts that will help them get laid: 1. Focus your energy on being friendly and approaching for two or three-hour stretches. Buy a book at the bookstore instead of shopping online.


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