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Dating a female fighter

Fighters like Ronda Rousey, Holly Holm, and Miesha Tate have shown that they can go round-for-round with all the ferocity—and maybe even more star power—of their male counterparts, leading to some of the most dynamic, exciting fights in the sport's history.

Led by Rousey, this group of physically gifted and totally badass women have proven that mixed martial arts isn't just for the boys.

In part one of my interview with muay Thai fighter-coach Roxy Richardson, we discussed her evolution from student, to fighter, to coach, and how the sport has evolved right along with her.

Having come up a competitive woman in a male-dominated sport, Roxy has a special perspective on working and communication with female clients.

Female clients tend to gravitate toward her and her gym, she said, because, “there are not too many other gyms with female muay Thai head coaches in the world.” That being said, she does have male muay Thai students and personal training clients, too, and used to teach mostly male group classes when she worked at MMA-focused gyms. “[I]n general women need more encouragement, most women are self conscious and nervous about being athletic.