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In this, he is trying to take care of his beloved mate and keep him alive. Contains Raven OC Matt OC Rhino OC and Shannon OCAlex Shelley and Chris Sabin can't stop fighting.

Austin Starr is Alex's best friend and his psychiatrist.

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Gravi slash, possibly some Pavigi, definitely Ambigi.

Pavi, Luigi and Carmella Largo plan mother's day surprises for their stepmother. This was a gift for my mother that I just had to submit here and on Deviantart because it was so cute.

The Genetic Opera, Cursed, Gamer, Heroes, and Top Gun. Right now, I have neglected to upload very, very many stories that needed uploading, so if there is a sudden mass email attack to my subscribers, please bear with me.

I am redoing this whole profile, as my interests have changed and I kinda hate how it looks. I'm trying hard to make this account up to par, and it's not going as well as I'd like.

Yet with maturity comes issues: siblings, secrets, newbies, romance and more. This is highschool drama & that means you MUST read on! But when Alex has a new boyfriend, what can he do but watch as his Alex disappears? Vince decides that the WWE needs an in-house newspaper.