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Well, it is not impossible to do but of course for most of us, it is not realistically feasible. Even though a Russian woman may have some English knowledge, there can be misinterpretation of certain words, expressions, thus misunderstandings.So, it is a must to be patient, understanding and open minded.

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However, there are differences to cope with and again, it is important to be patient, understanding and open minded.

Also, and this one is quite obvious, dating a woman from Russia will require more financial resources than dating a woman locally.

The first step is to find a dating site that will enable you to correspond with women who were met in person.

These sites cost more than regular dating sites but in the end, they will save you time and money and increase drastically your chance to succeed at finding a Russian wife. Then comes bigger expenses as you will need to travel there at least a few times.

Beyond the distance and language, trying to find a Russian bride offers other challenges.