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Mandating backdoors will hurt the countries where they're implemented, sending customers in search of secure computer equipment and services elsewhere.Beyond that, there's the fact that all backdoors can be exploited.In the European Union, the problem is only exacerbated.

“We don't expect the oil industry to let up in attacking renewable fuels,” Merritt says.

But he's confident EPA's support for greater use of biofuels, including higher blends from E15 to E85, “will help us continue to prove that when given the option, Americans choose to use more biofuels, and the market can absorb these new levels of ethanol blending.” While POET welcomes EPA's requirement for blending 15 billion gallons of conventional biofuels in 2017, Merritt points out that this is simply “fulfilling the original intent of the RFS.” “We are extremely optimistic about the future,” Merritt adds. Trump's incoming administration was incredibly supportive of domestic biofuels and rural voters heard him loud and clear.

Because if you're going to break a few laws, why not break one that forbids you from owning or operating devices with non-backdoored encryption? As ENISA points out, it's not just exploitation by criminals that's the problem.

It's also exploitation by government agencies, which may use the handy backdoors to collect/intercept far more than they're legally allowed to.

And that, of course, requires a unified European stance on encryption backdoors, which isn't likely to happen either.