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I stumbled across your website after a failed attempt at a relationship and bought your book.

I just wanted to say that reading it was probably one of the most important things I have done in my life in light of the personal growth I have accumulated in the last few months. Nice Guy has opened my eyes to the truth of who I am.

It doesn’t mean you have to turn yourself into an asshole instead.

See, there’s a problem inherent with being nice (as opposed to being a Nice Guy): it’s unsexy. When somebody describes their partner as “nice”, it’s a tacit admission that they’re with them because they think they But being “nice” doesn’t mean that you have to kiss attraction good bye.

According to PUA/Red Pill dogma, “nice” guys are betas who “put the pussy on a pedestal” and suck up to women in hopes of getting a whiff of sex. See the problem isn’t whether someone is a decent guy or not.