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(END VIDEO CLIP) ABRAMS: And as we speak, Congress continues to debate the president‘s troop surge strategy. And given the lack of good news recently, they feel pretty good about that. They want to say, Listen, we‘ve got a strategy in place.Not surprisingly, it is getting ugly, with Democrats blasting Republicans for questioning their patriotism. STENY HOYER (D-MD), MAJORITY LEADER: So when you come to the floor, my friends, debate the substance of this policy. Do not assert that anybody on this floor does not have every intention and commitment to supporting to whatever degree necessary our young men and women. We‘ve got a commander out there, a guy that the Senate, at least, confirmed. The problem is that the American people don‘t agree.

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And so what‘s happening now, as this debate about Iran emerges, is that it‘s being conducted under this cloud of suspicion and contempt, where now you have these strangely contradictory statements, or there‘s a little bit of a mystery, and no one wants to give this administration, I think rightfully, the benefit of the doubt.

So if it‘s a little cloudy, if it‘s a little confusing, people are not going to say, Well, close enough.

We found produce stored right next to the porta-potties, which is against the health code, and produce stored right next to the garbage dumpsters, which are crawling with rats, rats that feast on the market‘s fruits and vegetables. NELKIN: As they walk on top of the food or if they take a bite out of it, they‘re leaving their bacteria and viruses behind. GROVER: The janitor also says there‘s never any soap. GROVER: Every day, we see workers, like this woman, using the toilets and then touching food without washing their hands with soap and hot water.

GROVER: And we found other serious health code violations, like in the bathrooms for the market‘s workers. NELKIN: It‘s a direct transfer of their feces, urine, bacteria and viruses onto that food. I‘m very stupid (INAUDIBLE) UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You shouldn‘t have done that. GROVER: But this was perhaps the biggest health hazard we saw, water spilling out of pipes that smelled like raw sewage.

I know—this this is a world in which—I‘m not suggesting you‘re this way, but this is a world in which people say “Meet. Well, you know, as I asked the question, previous presidents met with generations of Soviet leaders, hostile enemies if there ever were one. You don‘t close the door to negotiations before they start. And while Teheran is guessing, it‘s causing all sorts of turmoil. ABRAMS: Michael Crowley, Joan Walsh and Richard Wolffe, thanks a lot. Coming up next: If you‘re just getting back from that Valentine‘s Day dinner, you may be glad you already ate. We‘re joined live by one of Anna Nicole‘s longtime friends, who says Anna Nicole told her who is the father of 5-month-old Dannielynn. We see some speed dating where only rich guys and hot women are allowed.