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BACKGROUND: Patients diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at the local or regional stage are candidates for pancreatic resection, and resected patients experience better overall survival.

Evidence suggests that racial disparities in pancreatic cancer survival may persist despite treatment, especially during the initial year post-diagnosis.

Compared with HR /HER2-, patients with triple-negative (0.69;0.64-0.74), HR /HER2 (0.77;0.72-0.84), and HR-/HER2 (0.70;0.62-0.78) subtypes had decreased adjusted-odds of receiving guideline-based treatment.

Black non-Hispanic (0.87;0.81-0.94), unmarried (0.83;0.79-0.87), uninsured (0.65;0.56-0.77), stage 2 (0.61;0.58-0.65), stage 3 (0.30;0.28-0.33), and ductal histology (0.81;0.74-0.89) were associated with reduced likelihood of receiving guideline-based treatment.

Background: Low and middle income countries are experiencing demographic and epidemiological transition and are becoming increasingly vulnerable to the impact of cardiovascular diseases (CVD), a leading cause of deaths in these countries.