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If you let them put live-streaming cameras around your apartment, they’ll pay your rent for you. No, Real Life is for watching girls play League of Legends for eight hours — or, you know, do other things.The website is looking for either couples or female roommates, and while their site is definitely not pornographic in nature, they are looking for people who are attractive, exhibitionist, affectionate, sexual, spend time in their underwear (a specific 70 percent or more of the time), and have sex every day (for the views! But it’s really about letting other people see how other people live on a day-to-day basis. The offer, which found, appropriately enough, on Craigslist also requires photos of yourself in casual clothes, underwear, and no clothes so they can determine if you’re, hilariously, ‘a good fit for the company.’ The site exists, and a visit there will not surprise you. I mean, sure, free rent, but this actually is sex for rent money.There can be no doubt that this website will only pay your rent if you bring in enough views to pay for your rent and make the website some extra money on the top, and the only way that’s happening is with copious sex, because that’s pretty clearly why people are going to this website.

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