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Commonly thought of as a series of letters that make up a 'word' there is a distinction between acronyms and shorthand.

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Online enthusiasts are learning that shorthand are in fact called acronyms, but this is incorrect.

The difference between acronyms and shorthand is that with acronyms, (for example, 'ESP' is an initialism for 'extra sensory perception' whereas 'esp. The online practice is to refer to shorthand, initialisms, or abbreviations as acronyms.

Firstly, immigration from Europe reached levels not experienced in other African communities.

Secondly, the strategic importance of the Cape Sea Route, as emphasised by the closure of the Suez Canal during the Six Day War, and mineral wealth made the country extremely important to Western interests, particularly during the Cold War.

The forty-six district municipalities are further subdivided into 231 local municipalities.