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i've always wanted to kiss a girl because it seems more fun and passionate. I love getting that more sensual side every so often , If your in the vegas area and your feminine I would love to chat...i like guys too but i just want to try how it would feel to be with another girl. hi im new here :) im 21 and i even though ive had crushes on girls before ive always been to scard to act on them. One day i went out with my friends, i was a bit drunk and everything was going fine, then this pretty girl started looking at me and smiling i didnt know what was happening but i do remeber i returned te smiles and the looks finally she came closer to me and asked me for my phone...

I have a boyfriend and it really turns me on imagining having my boyfriend watches it..perhaps joining if the other person doesn't mind. I mean how can I not look at her and want to have her all nite?

But she goes from hot to cold in a matter of seconds.

I know a lot of you, like me are too shy to go out and find a girl in the same situation as you, and with the same feelings. I live in socal and it goes against everything ive been taught as a child. If there is anybody Around that can help please get in touch. I want to be in bed with a girl and feel her naked body against mine, I know I'm not emotionally attracted to girls, just sexually. Although it is a risk when getting the app and confessing your most inner thoughts.

Well, after deciding I'm not ready for the bar scene, I searched the internet for groups and websites in general for dating and such. i dont really want an emotional attachment i just want to do it without commitment... Also, I'm even unsure on how to approach the topic. i really want to have sex with another woman i have always wanted to i dream of it more and more each dream starts with a romantic candle light dinner with lobsters crabmeat baked potatos and beef tips with chocolate covers strawberries and whipped cream to dip them in...

Really want to experiment with another girl ages 18-25.